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Are you ready for The Great British Spring Clean 2019?

Recyclable cleaning products delivered throughout Yorkshire

Designed to raise awareness of the impact single-use plastic has upon our environment, The Great British Spring Clean is now in its second year. Community groups, business and government will be joining forces this week to collect and safely dispose of single-use plastic from our streets, beaches, parks and countryside.

Helping you recycle your plastic waste

Single use plastic waste is not acceptable and here at Alpha Consumables we offer a wide range of durable cleaning products, designed to be used again and again. In addition, we also provide our own waste collection and recycling service which covers all of the products we deliver. For example, if we deliver a product in a disposable plastic bottle to you, we’ll collect and recycle it once you’ve finished with it.

We currently recycle more than 2.5 tonnes of plastic waste each month although this figure is growing rapidly. As waste licence holders we’re allowed to carry away waste, providing you with peace of mind that we’ll dispose of it properly, ensuring that it’s recycled and not simply added to landfill. Not only is this great for the environment; it’s good for your environmental credentials too!

Last and by no means least, all of our own brand products are recyclable – simply look for the code on each product – and because many of the products we sell are available in bulk and economy sizes, buying big means using less plastic.

Contact Alpha Consumables for further information

If you would like to find out more about our plastic waste recycling service or our range of high quality cleaning products and janitorial supplies, please visit our website or call 0113 2762227.

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