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Nursery cleaning products

Looking after children poses a great deal of challenges and responsibilities, but keeping their environment clean is a significant one, and one for which our range of nursery cleaning products is invaluable. At Alpha Consumables we’ve got a wide range of nursery cleaning products to help you keep on top of mess and germs.

Nursery Cleaning Products and Waste

Because children of a young age are more likely to explore their immediate environment by putting items they find in their mouths, keeping toys and surfaces in the nursery clean is naturally a high priority. Our anti-bacterial foaming spray is the ideal solution. It fights germs on surfaces, acting quickly and allowing you to wipe away dirt easily.

Nursery Cleaning ProductsOur versatile All Purpose Cloths are also a good bet to have around for keeping items and surfaces in the nursery clean and hygienic. Their food safe formula means they’re ideal for having around any food equipment or eating surfaces.

When looking after young children, disposal of waste becomes a new challenge. Our Korbell nappy bins are also part of our nursery cleaning products range and have up to a 68 Litre capacity, allowing for the safe and hygienic disposal of waste from younger ones without hassle.

Food Hygiene

For food preparation, we have a great range of nursery cleaning products so that you can ensure the highest hygiene standards. With everything from polythene gloves for food handling and preparation, to our foaming cleaning sprays which meet the latest Food Standards Agency requirements for surface cleaning you’ll find everything you’re after to make sure you’re food preparation processes and areas are safe.

To keep the little ones free from mess (as much as possible) we also offer a range of assorted colour bibs, which are machine washable and suitable for any ages.  Or there’s toddlers overalls with easy to use Velcro fastening at the back. These come in four different design options, making them more appealing to wear for the children and helping to keep them clean from mess.

Arts and Crafts in the Nursery

These overalls aren’t just useful for mealtimes, with all the activities and crafts which are such a significant part of Nursery life, they are also great options for keeping the children in your care tidy during some of the messier activities which are staples of their development whilst at Nursery.

With this in mind we’ve got a specially selected range of products for arts and crafts in the Nursery, to keep everyone safer and tidier. With washable pens, and washable PVA glue as well as specially designed safety scissors and non-toxic, non-staining play sand, we have everything you need to allow the children at your nursery have fun learning and creating without causing risk or producing a mountain of cleaning work.

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We have free delivery on all orders over £75, so why not have a browse of our inventory of products, which includes a special Baby Care and Arts and Crafts section and see how we can make keeping you Nursery safe and clean as easy as possible.