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Hygiene is of paramount importance in nurseries – with lots of babies and young children together, the potential for the spread of germs of huge. With this in mind, why not check out our product range for our industry standard cleaning supplies, designed to help you keep germs under control and make short work of cleaning.  Here at Alpha Consumables, we have a huge product range for all your nursery and baby care needs. Our range includes a huge range of products including antibacterial liquids,sprays,cloths and more. 

Nursery feeding and cleaning supplies

Hygiene is crucial during nursery feeding.And Alpha consumables offer products that specialize in hygiene at competitive prices.We have got everything you need to give the kids a clean and tidy environment.

Our range includes all purpose colour coded cloths which are ready to be used for any situation. Designed to go perfectly with our antibacterial products, our can be used to wipe down hard surfaces.

Nursery First Aid

We understand that the process of first aid, and a child’s health and safety is the highest priority.

Alpha Consumables are here to help nurseries with the process, we offer all the equipment and supplies needed to respond efficiently to any injuries.

Order your Nursery and baby care products from Alpha Consumables

Ordering from us is simple, make the most of our one cost delivery options and use click and collect by going directly to our website.


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