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kitchen cleaning equipment
Products designed to ensure food preparation areas are spotlessly clean

Our guide to ensuring hygiene in food preparation areas If you run a business which involves the preparation or handling of food, it goes without saying that cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance. Failure to take food hygiene seriously can lead to serious consequences, not least in terms of your reputation, but also risks […]

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recyclable cleaning products
Did you know that we offer a recycling service?

Recyclable cleaning products delivered direct to your door There’s been much talk in the news of the pollution caused by waste in landfill, particularly plastic. Here at Alpha Consumables we offer a waste recycling service, designed to ensure your empty plastic bottles, cardboard and cling film are recycled. Helping you meet your environmental commitments We […]

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toilet and bathroom cleaning products
How to take the pain out of toilet cleaning

Toilet and bathroom cleaning supplies delivered direct to your door No one likes cleaning the toilet but it’s one of the jobs that just can’t be avoided! If toilet cleaning is something you tend to put off until it has to be done, the bad news is that it’s much better to clean it more […]

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Nursery Cleaning
Colour coded cleaning in the nursery

The new school year is just on the horizon. Nurseries can be very messy places and they could also get quite disorganised. Brighten up your nursery with colour coded cleaning supplies. Colour coded cleaning supplies are a great way to organise your nursery and allow your cleaning team to be more efficient with their work. Why […]

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janitorial supplies for schools
Get ready for the autumn term with cleaning products from Alpha consumables

Janitorial supplies and cleaning products delivered direct to your door Summer is coming to a close and you know what that means: a new school year! What better way to prepare for the new school year with some brilliant cleaning supplies delivered direct to your door by Alpha Consumables. As you know, it’s very important […]

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cleaning nurseries
Nursery and baby care products delivered direct to your door

Hygiene is of paramount importance in nurseries – with lots of babies and young children together, the potential for the spread of germs of huge. With this in mind, why not check out our product range for our industry standard cleaning supplies, designed to help you keep germs under control and make short work of […]

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professional cleaning supplies
Clean like a pro with top cleaning tips from the professionals

Cleaning equipment and supplies delivered to your door by Alpha Consumables Cleaning is probably pretty low on your list of favourite things to do and increasing numbers of people are now passing on the job to professional cleaners. Professional cleaners seem to be able to make light work of even the most difficult cleaning task […]

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arts and crafts equipment
Make the most of the summer with outdoor play

Outdoor play, arts and crafts products from Alpha Consumables The long summer holidays are just around the corner and the warm summer weather offers a great opportunity for outdoor play! Huge amounts of research have been done into the benefits out outdoor play, including: Learning: playing outdoors helps children develop their learning abilities. Putting arts […]

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janitorial supplies yorkshire
Best practice in cleaning – what does it mean for you?

Cleaning products to help you achieve best practice The term ‘best practice’ is often used to describe a technique or approach that as a result of research and experience, is proven to consistently deliver the best results. Or, in layman’s terms, the best way to clean! If you run a medical facility, nursery or care […]

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leeds cleaning equipment
Our guide to the colour coded cleaning system

Colour coded cleaning products delivered direct to your door The colour coded cleaning system offers a highly effective and simple way to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria. Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of colour coded cleaning supplies, designed to help our customers make the most of this ingenious approach […]

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clinical cleaning products
Clinical cleaning products delivered direct to your door

High quality clinical cleaning products from Alpha Consumables If you are responsible for running a clinic, GP surgery or dental practice, you’ll be well aware of the importance of hygiene. Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of products, specially for use in clinical settings. Our clinical janitorial products are all grouped together […]

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yorkshire cleaning equipment
Ensure bathroom areas are spotlessly clean with our range of bathroom janitorial products

Colour coded bathroom cleaning It goes without saying that bathroom and toilet areas must be kept spotlessly clean at all times. Our range of colour coded bathroom cleaning products has been specially designed to make bathroom cleaning as quick and easy as possible. From toilet cleaners and hand towels, through to buckets and mops, we […]

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recyclable janitorial supplies
Waste recycling made easy

High quality recyclable janitorial supplies We know that many of our customers take their commitment to the environment very seriously and with this in mind, we offer a waste collection and recycling services for all the products we deliver. The impact of plastic waste upon the natural environment is big news and the moment and […]

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arts and crafts supplies online
Keep the kids busy over Easter with our range of arts and crafts supplies

Arts and crafts supplies delivered by Alpha Consumables Did you know that alongside our range of cleaning products we also offer an extensive range of art and craft supplies for children? It can be hard finding things for them to do over the holidays, especially when the weather is wet and they’re stuck indoors! Our […]

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recyclable cleaning products Yorkshire
Are you ready for The Great British Spring Clean 2019?

Recyclable cleaning products delivered throughout Yorkshire Designed to raise awareness of the impact single-use plastic has upon our environment, The Great British Spring Clean is now in its second year. Community groups, business and government will be joining forces this week to collect and safely dispose of single-use plastic from our streets, beaches, parks and […]

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cleaning and janitorial products
Prepare yourself for spring cleaning with our range of cleaning essentials

Spring is definitely in the air and what better time of year to get busy with a mop and duster! Here at Alpha Consumables we offer a fantastic range of cleaning essentials, with everything you need to make light work of spring cleaning – from mops and buckets, through to disinfectant, wipes and window cleaning […]

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Study proves hot air hand dryers spread dangerous germs

Using paper towels helps to prevent the spread of germs According to a study carried out by scientists at the University of Leeds and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection*, hand dryers spread five times more germs than using a paper towel. Here at Alpha Consumables we’ve always been champions of the good old […]

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Anti Bacterial 30 Seconds Contact time

Anti-Bacterial Clean Has Been formulated so that it is Ready to Use. It can be Used for all general cleaning sanitation. This Sanitiser Complies with BS EN 1276, BS EN 13697. Contact time is  30 seconds As detailed on the This product works great with our All Purpose Cloths Effective Against Escherichia Coli,Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus […]

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Antibacterial all Purpose Cloths Refills

Antibacterial all Purpose Cloths Alpha Consumables wipes on a roll. Ideal for a wide range of uses, washable and reusable. Suitable for Nurseries,Warehouse, Office, Home, Work, Factory,Schools Can be used for wiping surfaces, mopping up light spills, cleaning and polishing with sprays and dry dusting Food safe, offering a colour-coded wiping system Soft to touch, […]

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Great News We are really happy to announce that we have been working to help local Charities with our Free Give away of Toys. Leeds Children’s Hospital provides one of the most comprehensive range of specialist children’s hospital services in the country and is a regional centre looking after youngsters from birth to the age of 16 […]

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