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Mop Colour Coded Products

Colour Coded Cleaning has become an increasingly wide spread practice as a means of organising and implementing zonal or block cleaning across a number of different sectors. With the Food Standards Agency requiring a zonal cleaning approach, with separate cleaning and janitorial equipment used for different zones or blocks of cleaning, a system has to be put in place to ensure the consistency of this separation.

One simple way to ensure the necessary segregation of equipment and resources is to colour code equipment which is used in the cleaning process- such as mop colour coding.

Our mop options

Mopping floors might seem like a straightforward task, but given how large a part it plays in janitorial practice, and how important it is to avoiding the spread of germs, having the right equipment to get the job done can make a very telling difference. To be able to provide your staff with the resources they need to clean effectively and in a time efficient manner, we have a comprehensive range of mops and buckets as part of our specialised colour coded range.

Our colour coded mop heads are available in each of the colours of our colour-coded system, and are made from spun lace cotton strips, which are not only particularly durable to save your needing to replace them frequently, but are also super absorbent to save numerous trips to and from the mop bucket to collect sufficient water or chemical cleaning agent.

These mop heads are also able to fit onto various different handles depending on what’s needed, with a standard 125 cm screw fit on our mop and brush heads. These mop handles also come colour coded- remember it’s not just the head of the mop which is at risk of picking up germs and coming into direct contact with surfaces and floors.

Colour Coded Buckets

To make floor mopping easier still, we have a selection of mop buckets, with different volumes suitable for any task or environment. Our Kentucky mop buckets have a large capacity of 24 litres, and come with a special handle operated wringer options for pressing the water and cleaning fluids out mops quickly and easily. These buckets also come on wheels for hassle free transportation around your site and along with the rest of our buckets and mops, are available as part of our colour coded range.

Colour Coded Options

All our colour coded cleaning and janitorial products come in four different colours, red, yellow, blue and green. Organise your cleaning resources by ascribing one colour of equipment to each zone or process, to effectively bring about the required separation of materials and reducing the risk of cross contamination between equipment.

We provide free delivery on all orders over £75 and we can also customise equipment in line with our colour coded collection so get in touch with our team today and see how we can help you to reach the highest possible standards of cleanliness and hygiene.