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Janitorial Supplies

At Alpha Consumables we recognise there’s a number of factors involved in making sure your cleaning and care-taking staff are perfectly equipped with what they need for their task. There’s ensuring all of the equipment is of a high quality, seeing that it is suitable for the environment and for the task at hand. You also have to check that it meets all the latest safety standards, regulations and good practice guidelines. With all this to consider, why not let Alpha Consumables take the hassle out of janitorial supplies?

Janitorial Supplies for different needs

Any site will have a variety of different environments that require cleaning, so it follows that you’ll need specific cleaning materials for each setting. We’ve a really broad variety of wholesale cleaning products which we’ve specially selected from UK suppliers, including Kentucky mop buckets with easy-to-use mop wringers for corridors, anti-bacterial aprons and Yard brushes for outside spaces and grounds. This range of options allows you to choose the ideal tools for each cleaning task whilst offering great value for money.

Janitorial Supplies WholesaleYou can browse our range of products by type, including special ranges for arts and crafts and for Baby Care, as well as Kitchen, Bathroom and Clinical areas. So come and see what we can offer to supply you with the janitorial supplies that the task requires.

Colour coded

What’s more, we’ve got a great range of colour coded cleaning equipment on offer as well. Keep your different cleaning materials organised and importantly, separated by area, by using our straight forward colour coded range.

With the Food Standards Agency encouraging the separation of cleaning equipment between different areas of food preparation as good practice, as well as keeping bathroom and dining cleaning materials separate, why not simplify the process by using our colour coded cleaning supplies?

Our range comes in four colours, red, yellow, blue and green and includes everything from mops and buckets to colour coded soaps and cleaning fluids.

Peace of Mind

Making sure that the equipment and chemicals with which you supply your staff meet British Standards and safety legislation is something you’ll no longer to worry about.  All our equipment comes ready to use with the right measurements and high level of attention to detail to ensure it meets the latest safety requirements.

We can also cover your chemical cleaning needs, making sure they meet the requirements laid  out by the Food Standards Agency for use in cleaning food preparation areas. We do all the leg work to meet these standards to make your life easier and so you know you’re getting the best quality.