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Janitorial Products

At Alpha Consumables, we’ve got janitorial products to solve all your cleaning and site maintenance problems. With our wide range broken down into different areas for cleaning, it’s easy to find what you need to ensure you’re cleaning to the highest standards.

Kitchen Janitorial Products

Our janitorial products for kitchens includes scourers, sponges and detergents. For cleaning dishes we plenty of durable and effective options. Our green scouring pads come in large sizes and are ready to be cut down to a useful size. We’ve also got sponges and classic dish cloths to make sure you’re crockery is sparkling. To guarantee a hygienic clean for your kitchen items, we’ve got washing up detergent in several volumes. Our washing up liquid removes dirt and stains and disinfects washed areas, ideal for tough jobs.

For machine dishwashers, we have food grade purity dishwasher salt to improve the softness of water for cleaning and machine dish-wash detergent.

Bathroom Cleaning

For keeping bathroom’s clean and hygienic, we have another great selection of products. Our range of floor cleaning products includes scented disinfectants to keep bathrooms smelling fresh and maintain and clean and comfortable environment. Our bathroom janitorial products range also includes cost effective paper goods options, as well as single sheet paper towel dispensers, meaning you get through fewer paper resources, saving you money.

General Janitorial Products

Our broader collection of janitorial products contains all the basics you’ll need for cleaning and site maintenance. With mops made from spun lace cotton strips for an extra absorbent performance, and bison mop buckets, with a 24 Litre capacity, roller wheels and a handle operated wringer we can offer all you need to keep floors clean.

Colour Coded Janitorial Products

janitorial colour coded At Alpha we specialise in colour coded cleaning products. If you’re looking to improve your zonal or block cleaning then we have the perfect solution. With more and more cleaners being required to move to the zonal cleaning system to reduce the risk of contaminating cleaning equipment, colour coding materials is an easy way to ensure the separation is effective. Cleaning food preparation areas and food storage areas with separate equipment is now expected by the FSA. In order to make sure that you’re keeping equipment separate, why not consider ascribing a colour to each area of cleaning. Bathroom, kitchen, corridors and dining rooms for example, can all be given a different colour of equipment. We can also customise colour coded janitorial products for our clients needs, and our colour coded range includes everything from mops and buckets, to cloths, bins and work wear, so get in touch to see how we can help.