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Is your office wash room up to standard?

Bring your office wash room up to scratch with our cleaning supplies

Germs and bacteria are easily spread, especially in offices where it can be almost impossible to avoid picking up colds and illnesses from colleagues. Ensuring your business premises is well stocked with cleaning equipment and anti-bacterial supplies is an effective way to help prevent the spread of germs from colleague to colleague.

Antibacterial hand wash

Antibacterial hand offers an effective way to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria. However, many businesses still fail to provide anti bacterial hand wash or soap which is worrying and it can leave employees at risk of contracting norovirus, Salmonella and other bacterial infections.

Hand drying

Some types of hand-dryers are notorious for spreading germs. However, it is important to ensure that you provide sufficient hand drying equipment such as towels. Paper towels offer an effective way to help prevent the spread of bacteria as they are thrown away once they’ve been finished with.

Promote hygiene

Encouraging staff take hygiene seriously is something which is often overlooked by many business. Sharing a space comes with a certain amount of responsibility and so promoting best practice can help cut the risk of illnesses spreading around a workforce. Simple steps such as encouraging hand washing, providing tissues, discouraging eating at desks and displaying posters on wash room hygiene can lead to significant improvements.

Janitorial and cleaning supplies delivered direct to your door

Here at Alpha Consumables we can help you improve hygiene standards in the work place by providing a wide range of anti-bacterial products and cleaning supplies, available for delivery direct to your door. From hand wash and sanitising gel, through to paper towels, tissues and toilet paper, we have everything you need to help keep your workforce healthy!

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