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How to take the pain out of toilet cleaning

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No one likes cleaning the toilet but it’s one of the jobs that just can’t be avoided! If toilet cleaning is something you tend to put off until it has to be done, the bad news is that it’s much better to clean it more often. However, the good news is that here at Alpha Consumables we have everything you need to make light work of cleaning the loo! Here’s our advice on the easiest way to clean the toilet:

  1. Get ready: if you’re cleaning the rest of the bathroom, prepare the toilet in advance by squirting cleaner around the rim. Your choice of toilet cleaning product is up to you for but for dirty, stained toilets, neat bleach is pretty hard to beat. If limescale is a problem, we sell a rang of toilet cleaning products designed to tackle limescale and keep future deposits at bay.
  2. The most efficient way to clean a toilet is to start at the bottom (no pun intended!). Clean the outside surfaces of the toilet, working upwards from the floor, towards the seat, cistern and then the handle.
  3. Next comes the toilet brush and to keep the toilet bowl as clean as possible, scrub underneath the rim.
  4. Last and by no means least, wipe down the outside of the bowl and then rinse.

Little and often really is the best way to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh. Cleaning the handle on a daily basis with an antibacterial wipe (remember to put it in the bin once you’ve finished with it – never flush wipes down the toilet) will help to prevent the spread of bacteria whilst an in-cistern cleaner will release disinfectant with each flush.

Toilet cleaning products from Alpha Consumables

From disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning products through to hand sanitiser, wipes and air fresheners, here at Alpha Consumables we have everything you need to keep your loo sparkling clean and fresh. To find out more or place an order, please browse through our website or contact our customer service team by calling 0113 2762227.

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