recyclable cleaning products

Did you know that we offer a recycling service?

Recyclable cleaning products delivered direct to your door

There’s been much talk in the news of the pollution caused by waste in landfill, particularly plastic. Here at Alpha Consumables we offer a waste recycling service, designed to ensure your empty plastic bottles, cardboard and cling film are recycled.

Helping you meet your environmental commitments

We know our customers worry about the environment just as much as we do and this is why we offer a convenient recycling service. This service applies to all the products we offer and if we deliver a disposable bottle to you, for example, we’ll collect it when it’s empty and ensure that it’s recycled correctly.

At present we recycle more than 2.5 tonnes of waste each month although this figure is growing! We have a waste license which means the we’re allowed to collect ‘low waste’ which includes items such as plastic bottles, cling film and cardboard. In addition, all of our own brand products can be recycled – simply look for the information on each product.

Cost-effective products that don’t cost the earth

To find out more about our waste recycling service, simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling 0113 762227.

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