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Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Alpha Consumables is a growing company geared towards providing exactly what you need to deliver a high level of cleaning or janitorial service. Our extensive inventory of commercial cleaning products contains a comprehensive range of specially selected equipment and materials to cater for a variety of different cleaning and janitorial disciplines. Our easily navigable product list is divided into categories by different sectors and cleaning tasks.

Our specialised range of commercial cleaning products

Naturally, cleaning for kitchens requires its own selection of tools. Along side a selection of antibacterial hand washes and gels, we offer hardy, long lasting scourers and sponges. These are ideal for commercial use and designed to be cut down to a size to suit your needs. We also offer a collection of hygienic kitchen attire, in line with regulation. This includes disposable gloves and caps with elasticated headbands so that you can rest assured your kitchen and cleaning staff are suitable kitted out with everything they need.

For bathroom supplies, we also have a great collection of cleaning agents. We’ve everything you’ll need from a range of recognised and high quality brand names including Aloe Vera and Lotus antibacterial and moisturising hand wash from Astonish, air-fresheners from Sachets and hand sanitiser from Evans Vanodine, also ideal for use in commercial cleaning in the Clinical sector.

Cleaning Products CommercialWe can also offer a selection of surface and floor disinfectants and caution signage equipment so you can make sure you’re adhering to the latest safety regulations. For Nurseries and Childcare providers we have a great collection of wipes hygienic sprays and disinfectant which are ideal to ensure high standards of cleaning and hygiene in your Nursery. With all purpose disinfectants from Milton and the latest body fluid disposal kits from Eclipse along side a special selection of cleaning and safety products for arts and craft activities, we can fulfil your commercial cleaning needs for the child care sector, guaranteeing quality.

Colour Coded Cleaning Products

At Alpha Consumables we specialise in colour coded products to aid commercial cleaning practices. With recommendations and requirements coming from the Food Standards Agency amongst other organisations, requiring cleaning equipment to be separated by different cleaning zones, what simpler and more effective a way of ensuring the separation of materials than by colour coding? We can offer essential cleaning and janitorial products in four colours red, yellow, blue and green. This means you can easily organise a high standard of zone cleaning by ascribing a colour to each zone and avoid the risk of cross-contamination of cleaning materials.

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