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Colour Coded Mops

Having separate materials for different cleaning zones is becoming an increasing priority for those in the janitorial and cleaning sector. The Food Standards Agency recommends as good practice, having not only separate equipment and personnel for bathrooms and food preparation area, but having different resources for the various different zones within food preparation itself. These food preparation zones have as Food Safety Magazine points out, ‘become a given’, with the presence of biologic components adding more unexpected variables into the cleaning process. The question remaining then, is how best to implement these standards effectively?

Alpha Consumable’s Colour Coded Mops

At Alpha Consumables we have a solution which is both straight-forward and very effective. Our colour coded mops and cleaning products allow you easily to distinguish between which resources belong to which cleaning zone, and to communicate this clearly with your staff. Having a separate colour of mop and bucket for food storage areas and food preparation surfaces is a great way to significantly reduce any risk of cross-contamination of cleaning materials and resources, ensuring you can offer a cleaning service of the highest standard. Our range of mops is ideal for use in any number of sectors, from clinical to child care cleaning.

Our Colour Coded Range

Our product range includes everything you’ll need for cleaning in a variety of different zones with different needs. We have large Kentucky mop buckets, designed with a wringer facility for ease of use along with interchangeable mop heads and handles, cleaning fluids and cleaning attire all in a range of colours to enable you to easily manage and organise your cleaning resources into different zones. As well as being available colour coded, our mop heads are constructed from spun lace cotton strips, which are very highly absorbent, holding anything up to ten times their own weight in water.

Colour Coded MopsWe can also offer the Excel Hygiene Socket Mop heads, which are colour coded at the handle input and will fit with a variety of interchangeable handles for ease of use. You can find our Interchangeable handles in the same range for colour coding purposes, they come with the standard 125cm screw fit to be easily accommodated in your current selection of products. The colour coding of resources for cleaning floors is also particularly useful in attempts to avoid the cross-contamination of equipment as the immediate food preparation surface isn’t the only area at risk to the spread of germs.

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To talk to one of our team about the benefits of colour coding your cleaning and janitorial equipment for different cleaning zones, do get in touch. Alternatively, simply browse our inventory to see a complete collection of colour coded products. Remember, we offer free delivery on all orders over £75 so there’s no reason to put off updating your cleaning materials and practice.