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Colour Coded Mop Buckets

With the zonal cleaning approach becoming increasingly commonplace to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of cleaning equipment used in higher and lower risk cleaning zones, colour coding your cleaning and janitorial resources is a particularly straight forward way to organise your cleaning materials by zone.

With floor cleaning being a significant task within any cleaning procedure, making sure that the equipment involved is properly separated by zone or ‘block’ is vital. Not only does this involve colour coding your mops and brushes for floor cleaning, but also the mop buckets used for water and chemical floor cleaning agents. With buckets often coming into direct contact with several different mops there’s a significant risk of germs being passed between equipment from different areas of cleaning. Particularly from lower controlled areas of cleaning to those which have a higher risk and need to be sterilised to a different standard. This is where colour coded mop buckets become especially useful.

Our Colour Coded Products

At Alpha Consumables we specialise in colour coded cleaning and janitorial products. We can offer products in a range of four colours, red, yellow, blue and green. This allows you to have a different colour of equipment and resources for each zone or process of cleaning. We can also customise colour coded products upon request to complete your colour coded cleaning set.

Mop Bucket options

Colour Coded Mop BucketsFrom smaller single buckets to large wheeled mop buckets we’ve got all your needs covered. The smallest of our range of buckets, the Lucy Bucket, can hold up to 10 Litres and is a durable with an easy grip handle providing a cost effective option. Slightly larger is the single mop bucket, which holds up to 12 Litres. It has a side pouring lip for the easy dispersal of water. It also has a mop wringer facility.

Larger still, is the double mop bucket, ideal for larger cleaning tasks and for being able to cover bigger floor surface areas. The bucket consists of two separate compartments and a central wringer.

The largest capacity is that of the Kentucky Mop bucket, which is has a 24 Litre maximum volume. The Kentucky comes on four wheels, for easy transportation with its large size and weight when full. It also has a useful handle operated wringer system to easily press water and cleaning chemicals from the mop.

All our mop buckets come in the four colour coded options to fit into your colour coded zonal cleaning practice.

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