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Colour Coded Janitorial Products

A zonal cleaning procedure, sometimes also known as ‘block’ or ‘area’ cleaning, refers to the process by which different areas of a site are divided up into sections to be cleaned, with different parts of a cleaning team being responsible for their own areas.

Recommendations for your Cleaning

With the Food Standards Agency now requiring a zonal cleaning practice to enable the necessary separation of equipment between different cleaning zones and tasks in the food preparation and manufacturing processes. This is to prevent equipment being used both for processes and areas with raw and unprepared food as well as ready to eat food and dining areas. Food preparation areas need to be cleaned with separate equipment from storage areas for example, and floors, walls and surfaces which are at risk of spillage, leakage or any other deliberate or accidental contact need to be cleaned completely separately. This helps to prevent cross-contamination from the cleaning equipment itself, which could then be carried into another zone or process of higher or lower infection risk.

Janitorial Colour Coded Products

One of the most straightforward ways to ensure a proper segregation of these cleaning materials and resources is to ascribe to each zone are block, a colour of janitorial equipment which is to be used to clean and maintain it. Colour Coded JanitorialOur choice of four colours for a significant range of our janitorial equipment allows you to assign a colour to a particular block of cleaning, or a particular stage in a process and then to organise and communicate this effectively with your cleaning team, ensuring this separation. This division can also stretch as far as personnel, with keeping staff to separate zones of cleaning it’s possible to greater control the spread of bacteria, with staff who clean low-risk areas then not also cleaning high-risk areas. Having a ‘green team’ who look after maintaining food and beverage areas, and a ‘blue team’ for lower risk areas for example, is a simple approach to ensuring this separation.

Our Colour Coded Range

Our range of colour coded janitorial equipment includes a wide selection of janitorial supplies, including mops and colour coded mop buckets and brushes, which are suitable for use with a range of different matching colour coded handles for different purposes. We also have colour coded buckets in different volumes and styles. Our colour coded range also includes cleaning attire and workwear, with rolls of PVC aprons footwear and hairnets as well as a collection of chemical cleaners, bins and refuse equipment and much more. Further, we’re able to customise different cleaning and janitorial equipment based on the needs of our clients, so if you have a request get in touch with our team and see how we can help.