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Colour Coded Cleaning Products

Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of colour coded cleaning supplies, designed to meet British Standards and to provide you with products that meet your high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

What is colour coded cleaning?

If you’re new to the idea of colour coded cleaning it is simply a method of cleaning which utilises different colours identify which equipment and products can be used in a particular area. Proven to be a highly effective way to reduce the spread of germs and increase the standard of hygiene, colour coded cleaning is being increasingly used in homes and businesses throughout the UK. Four main colours are used in the colour cleaning system: red, blue, green and yellow. Whilst companies sometimes decide on their own colour coding, it is widely recommended that they follow the industry standard colour code. This is red for bathrooms, blue for general low risk area, yellow for clinical areas and green for food and beverage areas. Yellow is occasionally also used for bathrooms, so that that different materials are used for taps and toilet cleaning for example, given the different level of risk they pose. Our products are clearly packaged in red, blue, green and yellow, making it easy to identify which products and equipment should be used in each particular area, ensuring your business or home is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Why use the colour coded cleaning system?

Whilst anyone can use the colour coded cleaning system, trades and industries where hygiene, health and safety are of paramount importance will find particular benefits in colour coded cleaning. New food and hygiene legislation came into place in the UK in 2006 and as good practice, the Food Standards Agency now recommend that separate cleaning equipment – mops, cloths etc. – should be used in food storage, handling and preparation areas. Colour coded cleaning is now widely used in the healthcare and food preparation industries as a way to reduce the risk of potentially harmful cross contamination.

colour coded cleaningColour coded equipment is used according to its individual area of use; using a mop that has been used to clean a toilet area should not be used to clean a kitchen floor, for example. Although it’s up to you to choose which colour you use for each area, don’t forget to ensure that each member of staff has been trained in your system. However, if yours is a healthcare establishment, there are certain regulations in place which must be followed to ensure the health and safety of patients.

Colour coded equipment from Alpha Consumables

Our colour coded cleaning equipment is designed to make colour coded cleaning simple and by ordering from us you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’re getting off to the best possible start. Our colour coded range includes everything you could possibly need and alongside essentials such as mops, buckets, brushes and cloths, we also supply a wide range of soaps, wipes and anti-bacterial sprays. Alpha Consumables colour coded cleaning products are clearly labelled in red, blue, green and yellow, making it easy to identify what you need at a glance, saving you time and providing you with reassurance.

About Alpha Consumables

Our high quality products are available for delivery throughout the UK and because ordering from us is easy, your colour coded cleaning supplies will be with you in no time at all. Our existing customers include care homes, schools, food service companies and nurseries to name but a few and because all our customers have been carefully selected from UK suppliers, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that they are of the highest quality. Customer service is incredibly important to the team here at Alpha Consumables and if you would like further information on our products or on colour coded cleaning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.