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Colour coded cleaning in the nursery

The new school year is just on the horizon. Nurseries can be very messy places and they could also get quite disorganised. Brighten up your nursery with colour coded cleaning supplies. Colour coded cleaning supplies are a great way to organise your nursery and allow your cleaning team to be more efficient with their work.

Why is colour coded cleaning equipment so important? 

Studies have proven that messy environments are detrimental to a child’s learning. The studies illustrate the importance of keeping nurseries and schools clean and tidy.

Colour coded cleaning is used to avoid the spreading of germs between cleaning equipment. This can be common with mops, cloths and buckets. In a nursery you could use colour coded cleaning by assigning different colours to different jobs, for example, blue for desk spills, red for bathroom. This way you can avoid mixing equipment and avoid transferring germs between cleaning equipment. Here’s a few benefits of having colour coded equipment at the nursery.

The benefits of using colour coded equipment

  • Identify high and low risk areas

In a nursery there can be different areas with higher and lower risks of germs. With colour coded cleaning supplies you are able to easily assign your coloured equipment for higher risk areas, for example; you can assign red coloured equipment for washrooms.

  • Hygienic  waste management 

Colour coded cleaning is a simple hygienic solution to waste management. Waste management is very important in schools and nurseries because of the amount of children and present. Without an effective waste management system germs and bacteria will quickly spread. 

  • Happier children

Inside a clean environment with waste management systems and other precautions children will be a lot happier to come to nursery. Also the risk of getting ill is substantially lower when playing in a clean environment.

The importance of a successful colour coded system

To create a successful colour coded system ensure that your system is simple. To do this just limit the amount of colours used. If you have too many colours it eliminates the efficiency and complicates the colour coded system, as it will be a lot harder to assign colours for different scenarios.  Another thing to keep in mind is to put appropriate colours for each environment. Assigning blue into a high risk environment could make it confusing to the cleaner as the colour does not match the scenario. Lastly, it’s very important to regularly review your colour coding plan. This way when it’s necessary you can modify and adapt the system to suit your individual environment.

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