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Colour coded cleaning: a practical solution to zonal cleaning

Although the main aim of the professional cleaning industry is to disinfect environments and control the spread of germs, it’s also a widely recognised that the very process of cleaning can itself can transfer harmful pathogens throughout a site. The zonal approach to cleaning aims to combat this counterproductive risk from cleaning work, through separating apparatus by area of use and potential infection risk. This strategy that is now widely adopted in professional cleaning in the UK and encouraged by many official bodies. So what is the best way to implement a zonal cleaning approach in order to make a telling impact on standards of hygiene?

What is colour coded cleaning?

The standard code is as follows: for wash rooms red is used, for clinical or medical areas, yellow. Blue cleaning materials are used for general low risk areas and green for food and beverage areas. General low risk areas include areas such as corridors, offices and reception areas. It is important to note as well, that although the colour green is designated for food and beverage areas, this doesn’t include food preparation areas.

With the significant risk of infection in kitchens, along with other dietary and health concerns such as nut allergies, a targeted separation of materials is used for the preparation of food and in cleaning these areas. This is an area more specifically monitored by the Food Standards Agency and is concerned with a different collection of regulations. Yellow is used for clinical areas, but where this isn’t relevant, yellow materials are often used in wash rooms as well as red, to differentiate the materials used for basins and bathroom floors, for example.

The colour coded cleaning approach is successful because of its simplicity and because it can easily encompass all cleaning activities and apparatus across a site, allowing for consistency in ensuring its accurate implementation. As such, it offers practical method for organising a zonal cleaning approach and has the potential to make a significant difference to the standard of hygiene across sites where it’s adopted.

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