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Clinical janitorial products delivered to your door by Alpha Consumables

If you run a GP surgery, dental practice, clinic, care home or health facility you’ll be well aware of the importance of clinical hygiene. There is a strict set of rules and regulations in place, developed to insure hygiene standards and our products are designed to make meeting these standards as straightforward as possible. From clinical janitorial products and colour coded cleaning equipment, through to soaps and sanitizer, we supply everything you need to provide peace of mind and ensure standards are met.

Clinical cleaning made easy with colour coded cleaning products

The colour coded cleaning system is incredibly simple yet highly effective. Designed to take the guesswork out of cleaning clinical, food preparation and bathroom areas, colour coded cleaning uses different sets of equipment to clean different ‘zones’.

Separating resources and equipment into different zones offers an important way to avoid cross contamination of janitorial equipment. By using red equipment and products to clean toilets, for example, and green to clean food preparation areas, you’ll prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Colour coded cleaning also makes it easier for your janitorial teams to find the equipment they need for specific areas.

We supply a huge range of colour coded cleaning equipment, from mops, buckets and cloths, through gloves, aprons and cleaning products. Our products are competitively priced, with cost-effective and efficient delivery services available.

To find out more about colour coded cleaning and products for cleaning clinical areas, please browse through our website or get in touch by calling 0113 2762227.

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