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Cleaning Products from Alpha Consumables

Alpha Consumables is a cleaning products supplier operating in Leeds and throughout the UK. We specialise in colour coded cleaning equipment. The colour coded cleaning system offers a simple yet highly effective way to dramatically reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Colour coded cleaning is based on the principle of using a separate set of equipment and cleaning products for different areas – red in kitchens, blue in bathrooms etc. Using this system is an easy and affordable way to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.  You’ll find that many of the products we sell have been packaged to help you make the most of colour coded cleaning.

Our range of colour coded cleaning products includes a wide selection of high quality janitorial supplies such as mops, replacement mop heads and handles, brushes, aprons and disposable gloves. We also offer effective antibacterial sprays, wipes and liquid detergents – all available at great value prices.

Kitchen cleaning products

cleaning products - kitchenIt goes without saying that kitchen and food preparation areas must be kept scrupulously clean and our range of kitchen cleaning products includes everything you need to help you ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. Our kitchen cleaning range includes antibacterial surface cleansers, washing up products, clothes, gloves and wipes.

Bathroom cleaning products

Good hygiene starts with spotlessly clean bathrooms and toilets and our range has been designed to tackle dirt, grime and bacteria. From hygienic hand wash and gels, through to toilet cleaners, floor mops and disinfectant, you’ll find that our bathroom cleaning range offers high quality products at cost effective areas.

Clinical cleaning products

Clinical areas call for the highest standards of cleanliness and we’ve developed our extensive range to include a cleaning equipment, anti-bacterial products and disposal equipment. Our range covers general clinical cleaning through to biohazard disposal, first aid supplies and janitorial equipment.

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We’re proud of our commitment to providing excellent customer service and because we provide competitive shipping rates and quick delivery times, shopping with us is easy. We know how important hygiene standards are to our customers and if you would like to find out more about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.