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Cleaning Products Leeds

With dedicated ranges for a variety of different cleaning sectors, Alpha Consumables is a cleaning products provider based in Leeds which offers high quality janitorial supplies at great prices for a range of different cleaning tasks.

Clinical Cleaning Products Leeds

For those needing janitorial and cleaning supplies for the clinical sector, we have an extensive range of products. With cleaning materials, including sterilising fluids and durable cleaning cloths you can ensure ideal levels of hygiene. We also offer both alcoholic and non alcoholic options for hand sanitisers and gels, to keep staff and visitor’s hands disinfected.

Our collection of products also includes first aid and biohazard equipment ideal of clinical environments. These include bags for the safe disposal of clinical waste, disinfectant sprays and face masks.

Cleaning Supplies for Bathrooms

Bathrooms provide their own challenges for cleaning. This means you need specialised materials to get the job done effectively. With our range of disinfectant fluids, floors and surfaces can be cleaned effectively and quickly. With a range of fragrances to choose from, these also leave bathrooms fresh and comfortable for users.

Another challenge posed is the volume of products that many bathrooms require on a weekly basis. For those in public spaces or busy workplaces, paper products and soaps are used at a rapid rate. With our single sheet dispensers for paper products, you can limit the rate at which paper products are used. Our great value luxury hand soaps are from recognised cruelty free brand Astonish and come in several different varieties.

Supplies for Nursery Cleaning

To guarantee a clean and safe nursery, we have another specially selected range of products. Milton’s Sterilising Fluid is perfect for maintaining the sterility of toys and equipment within the nursery. It gets to work quickly and deals with 99.9% of germs. Our selection of products for nurseries and child care contains everything from toys and arts equipment to soft bedding and anti roll changing mats with wipe clean covers.