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Cleaning Colour Codes

Within most businesses and facilities there will be a number of different areas, zones or processes which require a different cleaning approach. These include bathrooms, kitchens and food preparation areas, public spaces, office spaces and dining areas. Naturally, these vary in terms of their cleaning needs and making sure this is well organised and clear to staff is vital. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best one. Our products for Cleaning Colour Codes allow you to ascribe a different colour to each area of cleaning on your site, making it easier to keep materials separate.

Our products

We offer a comprehensive product range for all your cleaning needs. Our colour coded collection extends to a variety of commercial cleaning products. In our easy to browse cleaning colour codes range you’ll find everything from mop heads, brush heads and multi-purpose anti-bacterial cleaning cloths. We also offer interchangeable broom handles and the easy to use Bison mop buckets, meaning you can make sure you have exactly what you need to maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout your sites, whilst ensuring also that you’re enabling the necessary separation of cleaning materials. If cleaning materials carry some infectious matter into a zone in which disinfectants are used which aren’t as robust in their antimicrobial properties, then the infection can grow unchallenged. Whilst standard cleaning fluids might be used in lower risk areas, more potent biocides are required for higher risk areas, with greater infection risk such as bathroom areas.

Cleaning Colour CodesOur products come in four different colours- red, yellow, blue and green. Not only are the products broken down by colouring, but the packaging is also colour coded making it even easier for you and your staff to manage your resources.

How best to use cleaning colour codes?

Whilst using different cleaning materials for cleaning your bathrooms and dining areas might be obvious as best practice, the Food Standards Agency also recommends that different equipment be used in cleaning at different stages in the food preparation and management process. So why not have a different colour of equipment for each stage from delivery and storage to cooking, preparation and dining? Whilst the consistent colour code across the contract cleaning industry does use the colour green for food and beverage areas, this doesn’t typically apply to kitchen areas, which themselves need a more specific division of cleaning and preparation materials beyond the four used in colour coded cleaning more widely. Managing cleaning across a large team or organisation can create a real challenge in terms of guaranteeing consistency. Colour coding your cleaning materials means you can very easily communicate with your team which items are for which areas. This allows for cleaning to be carried out to a very high standard across the board and ensuring the best hygienic practices.

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We deliver throughout the UK, with orders over £80 receiving free delivery. Our current client list includes schools, care homes, food and catering companies as well as child care and nurseries and the Clinical sector. So why not get in touch and you too could soon be benefiting from the advantages of having a colour coded system and high quality cleaning equipment?