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Cleaning Agents range

We are specialist suppliers of high quality cleaning agents and colour coded cleaning equipment, designed to help schools, nurseries, care homes and health care providers meet the latest hygiene standards. We have great options for all your wholesale cleaning supplies.

Our colour coded cleaning system offers an excellent way to help prevent the spread of bacteria across different areas by assigning separate batches of equipment and products. You could, for example, use red coloured equipment in kitchen areas, blue in bathrooms, yellow in corridors and green for public areas. How you use the system is entirely up to you but whichever of our products you choose to use, you’ll find that they offer superb quality at an affordable price. We have supplies from recognised brands, such as Astonish soaps and Sure cleaning products.

Ready to use cleaning agents from Alpha Consumables

Our range of cleaning agents includes colour coded products, designed to help you meet your requirements. Every product we sell meets current British hygiene standards, so you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that the products you are using are fit for purpose.

Bathroom cleaning agents

cleaning agentsBathroom and toilet hygiene is incredibly important and you’ll find that our range includes everything you need to keep all areas scrupulously clean and free from bacteria. Our range of bathroom janitorial products includes anti-bacterial cleaning agents, designed for use on hard surfaces and floors. We also stock toilet cleaning fluids, liquid hand soaps and sanitising gels. We also supply a range of high quality cleaning equipment, including colour coded mops, brushes and buckets to help you make light work of cleaning.

Kitchen cleaning agents

Kitchens and food preparation areas must always be kept thoroughly clean. You’ll find that our range of kitchen cleaning agents and janitorial products offers everything you need to help you meet the latest standards. From anti-bacterial sprays and disinfectant, through to oven cleaning agents, glass cleaners and washing up liquid, we supply high quality products at affordable prices.

Cleaning agents for clinical areas

It goes without saying that clinical areas must be kept hygienically clean if you are to prevent the spread of infection. We’ve developed our range of cleaning agents for clinical areas to provide you with the peace of mind that you are meeting current hygiene standards. In addition, many of our products are available in a range of eye-catching, easy to distinguish colours to help you make the most of the colour coded cleaning system.