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Cleaning is probably pretty low on your list of favourite things to do and increasing numbers of people are now passing on the job to professional cleaners. Professional cleaners seem to be able to make light work of even the most difficult cleaning task and if you’d like to discover less time cleaning, adding a few of their techniques to your own routine is a great way to tackle household chores as quickly as possible.

Here are our suggestions on how to clean like a pro:

  • Get organised! Having the right tools to do the job properly makes all the difference. Professional cleaners keep everything they need in a container which they can carry around with them as the work. A plastic bucket is ideal for this job.
  • Use proper cleaning cloths: most professional cleaners prefer microfibre cloths as they’re the most effective. However, if you don’t have any a 100% cotton cloth – an old pillowcase or rag is ideal – will do the job.
  • Let cleaning products do the work for you. Professional cleaners know that leaving cleaning products to work before you start cleaning is a great way to save time and energy. If you’re cleaning the bathroom, for example, spray the shower, bath, toilet etc. and whilst the products get to work, use the time to clean the window, mirror and anything else in the room.
  • De-clutter before you start. Cleaning an untidy, cluttered room is very difficult so spend time tidying up before you start cleaning. Keeping things tidy on a daily basis – a little and often approach – will save you time in the long run and remember if everything is neat and organised, your home will automatically start to look cleaner.
  • Always hoover before using a wet mop. Professional cleaners always mop hard floors after they’ve hoovered: trying to mop up dust and hairs etc. is almost impossible and hard work!
  • Last and by no means least, to ensure your home is hygienic, clean bathrooms and toilets last to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria.

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