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toilet and bathroom cleaning products

How to take the pain out of toilet cleaning

Toilet and bathroom cleaning supplies delivered direct to your door

No one likes cleaning the toilet but it’s one of the jobs that just can’t be avoided! If toilet cleaning is something you tend to put off until it has to be done, the bad news is that it’s much better to clean it more often. However, the good news is that here at Alpha Consumables we have everything you need to make light work of cleaning the loo! Here’s our advice on the easiest way to clean the toilet:

  1. Get ready: if you’re cleaning the rest of the bathroom, prepare the toilet in advance by squirting cleaner around the rim. Your choice of toilet cleaning product is up to you for but for dirty, stained toilets, neat bleach is pretty hard to beat. If limescale is a problem, we sell a rang of toilet cleaning products designed to tackle limescale and keep future deposits at bay.
  2. The most efficient way to clean a toilet is to start at the bottom (no pun intended!). Clean the outside surfaces of the toilet, working upwards from the floor, towards the seat, cistern and then the handle.
  3. Next comes the toilet brush and to keep the toilet bowl as clean as possible, scrub underneath the rim.
  4. Last and by no means least, wipe down the outside of the bowl and then rinse.

Little and often really is the best way to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh. Cleaning the handle on a daily basis with an antibacterial wipe (remember to put it in the bin once you’ve finished with it – never flush wipes down the toilet) will help to prevent the spread of bacteria whilst an in-cistern cleaner will release disinfectant with each flush.

Toilet cleaning products from Alpha Consumables

From disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning products through to hand sanitiser, wipes and air fresheners, here at Alpha Consumables we have everything you need to keep your loo sparkling clean and fresh. To find out more or place an order, please browse through our website or contact our customer service team by calling 0113 2762227.

Nursery Cleaning

Colour coded cleaning in the nursery

The new school year is just on the horizon. Nurseries can be very messy places and they could also get quite disorganised. Brighten up your nursery with colour coded cleaning supplies. Colour coded cleaning supplies are a great way to organise your nursery and allow your cleaning team to be more efficient with their work.

Why is colour coded cleaning equipment so important? 

Studies have proven that messy environments are detrimental to a child’s learning. The studies illustrate the importance of keeping nurseries and schools clean and tidy.

Colour coded cleaning is used to avoid the spreading of germs between cleaning equipment. This can be common with mops, cloths and buckets. In a nursery you could use colour coded cleaning by assigning different colours to different jobs, for example, blue for desk spills, red for bathroom. This way you can avoid mixing equipment and avoid transferring germs between cleaning equipment. Here’s a few benefits of having colour coded equipment at the nursery.

The benefits of using colour coded equipment

  • Identify high and low risk areas

In a nursery there can be different areas with higher and lower risks of germs. With colour coded cleaning supplies you are able to easily assign your coloured equipment for higher risk areas, for example; you can assign red coloured equipment for washrooms.

  • Hygienic  waste management 

Colour coded cleaning is a simple hygienic solution to waste management. Waste management is very important in schools and nurseries because of the amount of children and present. Without an effective waste management system germs and bacteria will quickly spread. 

  • Happier children

Inside a clean environment with waste management systems and other precautions children will be a lot happier to come to nursery. Also the risk of getting ill is substantially lower when playing in a clean environment.

The importance of a successful colour coded system

To create a successful colour coded system ensure that your system is simple. To do this just limit the amount of colours used. If you have too many colours it eliminates the efficiency and complicates the colour coded system, as it will be a lot harder to assign colours for different scenarios.  Another thing to keep in mind is to put appropriate colours for each environment. Assigning blue into a high risk environment could make it confusing to the cleaner as the colour does not match the scenario. Lastly, it’s very important to regularly review your colour coding plan. This way when it’s necessary you can modify and adapt the system to suit your individual environment.

 Alpha Consumables are one of the leading suppliers of cleaning and quality janitorial suppliers in the UK.Our premium products are hand picked from British suppliers. Our speciality is colour coded products which we tailor specifically to our customers needs.


janitorial supplies for schools

Get ready for the autumn term with cleaning products from Alpha consumables

Janitorial supplies and cleaning products delivered direct to your door

Summer is coming to a close and you know what that means: a new school year! What better way to prepare for the new school year with some brilliant cleaning supplies delivered direct to your door by Alpha Consumables. As you know, it’s very important to buy supplies from a trustworthy and efficient supplier. Here at Alpha Consumables we only supply high quality products, carefully chosen for the great value and reliability they offer.

There are many benefits to keeping your school or nursery clean and tidy. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Cleaning up creates a better learning environment and according to studies, a dirty learning environment has a detrimental effect in the learning of students.
  • A cleaner classroom will make the classroom less distracting therefore providing a better learning experience for the students
  • Most importantly a cleaner classroom is a safer classroom and by using professional cleaning supplies, makes it much easier to keep surfaces clean and free from bacteria, decreasing the likelihood of children falling ill.

Janitorial equipment designed to keep your school tidy and clean

We have a wealth of quality assured janitorial products that will fit into your nursery or school needs including colour coded products. Designed to help your janitors organise their cleaning duties and help keep the overall atmosphere at school fun and colourful, we supply a huge range of colour coded cleaning supplies to suit all budgets and requirements.

Contact Alpha Consumables today for industry standard cleaning products

We work with nurseries, schools and childcare centres. To find out more about our products please get in touch with our customer service team by calling 01132762227.

cleaning nurseries

Nursery and baby care products delivered direct to your door

Hygiene is of paramount importance in nurseries – with lots of babies and young children together, the potential for the spread of germs of huge. With this in mind, why not check out our product range for our industry standard cleaning supplies, designed to help you keep germs under control and make short work of cleaning.  Here at Alpha Consumables, we have a huge product range for all your nursery and baby care needs. Our range includes a huge range of products including antibacterial liquids,sprays,cloths and more. 

Nursery feeding and cleaning supplies

Hygiene is crucial during nursery feeding.And Alpha consumables offer products that specialize in hygiene at competitive prices.We have got everything you need to give the kids a clean and tidy environment.

Our range includes all purpose colour coded cloths which are ready to be used for any situation. Designed to go perfectly with our antibacterial products, our can be used to wipe down hard surfaces.

Nursery First Aid

We understand that the process of first aid, and a child’s health and safety is the highest priority.

Alpha Consumables are here to help nurseries with the process, we offer all the equipment and supplies needed to respond efficiently to any injuries.

Order your Nursery and baby care products from Alpha Consumables

Ordering from us is simple, make the most of our one cost delivery options and use click and collect by going directly to our website.


professional cleaning supplies

Clean like a pro with top cleaning tips from the professionals

Cleaning equipment and supplies delivered to your door by Alpha Consumables

Cleaning is probably pretty low on your list of favourite things to do and increasing numbers of people are now passing on the job to professional cleaners. Professional cleaners seem to be able to make light work of even the most difficult cleaning task and if you’d like to discover less time cleaning, adding a few of their techniques to your own routine is a great way to tackle household chores as quickly as possible.

Here are our suggestions on how to clean like a pro:

  • Get organised! Having the right tools to do the job properly makes all the difference. Professional cleaners keep everything they need in a container which they can carry around with them as the work. A plastic bucket is ideal for this job.
  • Use proper cleaning cloths: most professional cleaners prefer microfibre cloths as they’re the most effective. However, if you don’t have any a 100% cotton cloth – an old pillowcase or rag is ideal – will do the job.
  • Let cleaning products do the work for you. Professional cleaners know that leaving cleaning products to work before you start cleaning is a great way to save time and energy. If you’re cleaning the bathroom, for example, spray the shower, bath, toilet etc. and whilst the products get to work, use the time to clean the window, mirror and anything else in the room.
  • De-clutter before you start. Cleaning an untidy, cluttered room is very difficult so spend time tidying up before you start cleaning. Keeping things tidy on a daily basis – a little and often approach – will save you time in the long run and remember if everything is neat and organised, your home will automatically start to look cleaner.
  • Always hoover before using a wet mop. Professional cleaners always mop hard floors after they’ve hoovered: trying to mop up dust and hairs etc. is almost impossible and hard work!
  • Last and by no means least, to ensure your home is hygienic, clean bathrooms and toilets last to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria.

Order your cleaning supplies from Alpha Consumables

Here at Alpha Consumables we supply everything you need to ensure your home is sparkling clean, fresh and hygienic. Why not browse through our range of cleaning supplies or, if you’d like further information, please get in touch by calling 0113 2762227 or email

arts and crafts equipment

Make the most of the summer with outdoor play

Outdoor play, arts and crafts products from Alpha Consumables

The long summer holidays are just around the corner and the warm summer weather offers a great opportunity for outdoor play! Huge amounts of research have been done into the benefits out outdoor play, including:

  • Learning: playing outdoors helps children develop their learning abilities. Putting arts and crafts equipment, for example, outdoors, encourages them to learn new skills and think of learning as something they can do anywhere.
  • Creativity: arts and crafts can get messy so why not take away the constraints and confinement of being indoors? Children love painting, drawing, colouring and creating so by moving arts and crafts equipment outside you’ll be helping to stimulate their imaginations.
  • Well-being: being outside is good for everyone, whether you’re one or 101! Playing outside gives children a sense of freedom which helps them to feel happier and calmer which in turn promotes a positive mental attitude.

Arts and crafts equipment designed to make outdoor play easy

Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of arts and crafts materials designed to make playing outdoors as easy and enjoyable as possible. From safe to use toys and equipment, wipes and hand wash, through to washable paints, brushes, aprons and overalls, our products are high quality and cost effective.

Contact Alpha Consumables

We work with nurseries, schools and childcare centres and take great pride in providing an efficient, low-cost delivery service. To find out more about our products please browse through our website or get in touch with our customer service team by calling 01132762227.

janitorial supplies yorkshire

Best practice in cleaning – what does it mean for you?

Cleaning products to help you achieve best practice

The term ‘best practice’ is often used to describe a technique or approach that as a result of research and experience, is proven to consistently deliver the best results. Or, in layman’s terms, the best way to clean! If you run a medical facility, nursery or care home, for example, you’ll be well-aware of the importance of hygiene and following best practice to in order to achieve the highest standards. At Alpha Consumables we supply a range of cleaning products designed to help you do just this.

The importance of cleaning to maintain a safe level of bacteria

Whilst it’s unrealistic to try to eradicate bacteria completely – don’t forget that some bacteria are helpful – it is essential that harmful bacteria is removed or strictly controlled. This is especially relevant in environments such as toilets and bathroom areas where dangerous strains of bacteria can easily spread. Working to prevent cross contamination is the key here and using the colour coded cleaning system has been proven to offer a highly effective approach. Colour coded cleaning involves using specific colours for different sets of cleaning equipment to clean different areas. For example, a cloth used to clean a toilet is never used to wipe down walls, or worst still, a food preparation surface.

The right cleaning products used correctly

Even the most powerful anti-bacterial products won’t work if they’re not used correctly and there’s nothing worse than watching someone mop a floor with filthy water! All detergent-based cleaning products have a saturation point; when this is reached any cleaning benefits stop and are replaced by bacteria which is spread around. Best practice when floor cleaning, for example, is to mop around the edges of the floor first with a clean mop and solution, before cleaning the main body of the floor. It’s important to change the cleaning solution regularly, especially when cleaning a large surface area. The same approach also applies to cleaning cloths: fold a cloth into four and when one side becomes dirty, refold the cloth onto a clean side rather than scrunching it up.

Cleaning products and equipment delivered direct to your door

We provide a range of high quality cleaning products and equipment, designed to offer cost effective solutions keeping clinics, medical centres, nurseries and care homes clean. From colour coded cleaning equipment, through to anti bacterial surface wipes and liquids.

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To find out more or to place an order, get in touch by calling 01132 762227 or email

leeds cleaning equipment

Our guide to the colour coded cleaning system

Colour coded cleaning products delivered direct to your door

The colour coded cleaning system offers a highly effective and simple way to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria. Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of colour coded cleaning supplies, designed to help our customers make the most of this ingenious approach to cleaning. Here’s our guide to colour cleaning!

What is colour coded cleaning?

The colour coded cleaning system works on the principle that by having different sets of coloured cleaning equipment for use in different rooms, the spread of germs and bacteria will be reduced. You could, for example, use red equipment to clean bathroom areas, with blue equipment reserved for kitchen cleaning, and green for general areas. Using different equipment helps to minimise the transfer of bacteria which can be present in cleaning equipment such as mops, cloths and buckets.

Who uses colour coded cleaning?

The answer to this is simple: anyone! Although the majority of people who use the colour coded cleaning system are healthcare or childcare professionals, colour coded cleaning is ideal for use around the home or office too.

How do I get started?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to invest in different coloured sets of cleaning equipment such as mops, buckets, brushes and cloths. In addition, you’ll also need cleaning products in different coloured packaging such as antibacterial sprays, wipes and liquids. To help keep the cost to a minimum, we supply a range of reusable bottles in different colours which are designed to be refilled once they’re empty so you’ll only need to buy one bottle of floor cleaner, for example.

Where can I buy colour coded cleaning products?

Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a huge range of colour coded cleaning products; from mops, buckets and janitorial supplies, through to protective clothing, reusable bottles and disposable aprons and gloves. Our products are all high quality and represent excellent quality with savings available on bulk purchases. We offer competitive delivery rates and thanks to our efficient service, once you’ve placed an order your colour coded cleaning equipment will be with you in no time at all!

Get in touch to find out more

Whether you’d like to find out more about colour coded cleaning or our cleaning products, please get in touch by calling 0113 2762227 or email – we’d love to hear from you!

clinical cleaning products

Clinical cleaning products delivered direct to your door

High quality clinical cleaning products from Alpha Consumables

If you are responsible for running a clinic, GP surgery or dental practice, you’ll be well aware of the importance of hygiene.

Here at Alpha Consumables we supply a wide range of products, specially for use in clinical settings. Our clinical janitorial products are all grouped together to make buying them as straightforward as possible, whilst our efficient delivery service means your order will arrive direct at your door.

Products designed to help you meet hygiene regulations

The hygiene of clinical settings is covered by wide-ranging legislation designed to help prevent the spread of disease and infection. Our product range will help you meet your obligations and includes everything from anti-bacterial cleaning and hand sanitising products, through to cleaning equipment, biohazard safety kits and disposable clothing.

Colour coded cleaning supplies

The colour coded cleaning system offers a simple yet highly effective way to ensure bacteria isn’t spread from one area to another. By using different coloured equipment – blue for bathrooms, red for kitchens etc – cross-contamination is eliminated and patient safety is improved.

We stock a wide range of colour coded cleaning products, designed to help you make maximum use of this ingenious system. From coloured mops and buckets, through to hygiene brooms, cloths and more, our range includes everything you need.

Get in touch with Alpha Consumables

We take great pride in providing clinics, care homes, hospitals and nurseries with an easy way to shop for cost-effective high quality cleaning products.

To find out more, or to place an order, please visit our website or call our customer care team on 0113 2762227.

yorkshire cleaning equipment

Ensure bathroom areas are spotlessly clean with our range of bathroom janitorial products

Colour coded bathroom cleaning

It goes without saying that bathroom and toilet areas must be kept spotlessly clean at all times. Our range of colour coded bathroom cleaning products has been specially designed to make bathroom cleaning as quick and easy as possible. From toilet cleaners and hand towels, through to buckets and mops, we have everything you need to make bathroom cleaning a breeze!

What is colour coded cleaning?

Colour coded cleaning is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from one area to the other. The system uses different coloured equipment for different areas; for example red mops, brushes and sprays could be used in bathrooms, whilst blue cleaning equipment is reserved only for use in food preparation areas. Having separate sets of cleaning equipment for use in different areas will significantly reduce the risk of infection whilst controlling the spread of bacteria.

Which colour you use in different areas is entirely up to you and here at Alpha Consumables we sell a wide range of cleaning products and supplies in different red, blue, green or yellow packaging. Our colour coded cleaning range includes everything you need to ensure correct bathroom hygiene; including powerful antibacterial bathroom cleaner products designed to remove soap scum and germs, cleaning cloths, hygiene brooms and scrub brushes, mops and buckets.

Colour coded bathroom cleaning made easy

Our product range is ideal for use in nurseries, schools, care homes and medical facilities. All of our products are available to buy in bulk online and the more you buy, the bigger the savings! We offer quick and efficient delivery, enabling you to buy what you need when you need it.

To find out more about how we can help take the hassle out of bathroom hygiene, see our website or get in touch by calling 0113 2762227.

recyclable janitorial supplies

Waste recycling made easy

High quality recyclable janitorial supplies

We know that many of our customers take their commitment to the environment very seriously and with this in mind, we offer a waste collection and recycling services for all the products we deliver. The impact of plastic waste upon the natural environment is big news and the moment and is an urgent problem which needs to be tackled. Choosing to buy your cleaning products from us is a great start and if we deliver a disposable bottle to you, we’ll collect it for recycling once you’ve finished with it.

At the moment we recycle more than 2.5 tonnes of waste each month although this amount is growing rapidly. Once we’ve collected your waste we’ll recycle it for you and because we are licensed by the Environment Agency you’ll have pace of mind that we’ll deal with it in a responsible way.

We believe in making recycling as easy as possible so why not keep hold of your waste, ready for us to collect next time we deliver an order? We can recycle plastic and cardboard waste and all of our own brand products are recyclable, offering you a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution.

Ask about our recycling service

Why not get in touch to find out more about our waste recycling service? Contacting Alpha Consumables is easy: simply call 0113 276 2227 or email

arts and crafts supplies online

Keep the kids busy over Easter with our range of arts and crafts supplies

Arts and crafts supplies delivered by Alpha Consumables

Did you know that alongside our range of cleaning products we also offer an extensive range of art and craft supplies for children? It can be hard finding things for them to do over the holidays, especially when the weather is wet and they’re stuck indoors! Our range is guaranteed to keep them entertained over the Easter holidays, no matter how wet it is outside!.

Our range of arts and crafts supplies is ideal for young children and are available to buy by private customers, childcare providers, schools and nurseries. Here are just some of the products we offer:

  • Aprons and overalls: art can get very messy involved, especially when young children are involved! We offer a range of aprons and overalls, designed to protect their clothing from spilled paint or stray pens whilst allowing them to be as creative as possible.
  • Brushes: all artists need a selection of brushes and ours covers everything from chubby brushes designed for little hands, through to artists brushes and pre-filled paint brushes.
  • Washable paints: designed to encourage creativity without ruining their clothes, our range of washable paints is available in a range of types including finger paints, poster paints, paint sticks and face paints.
  • Washable pens: designed to wash out of clothing, our washable pens are available in chunky pen sizes, pencils, colouring pens, crayons and more.
  • Art equipment: last and by no means least, we also offer a cost effective range of equipment including washable PVA glue, scissors and play sand.

Order your arts and crafts supplies from Alpha Consumables

Ordering from us is easy: simply order direct from our website and make the most of one of our cost-effective delivery options which includes Click and Collect.

recyclable cleaning products Yorkshire

Are you ready for The Great British Spring Clean 2019?

Recyclable cleaning products delivered throughout Yorkshire

Designed to raise awareness of the impact single-use plastic has upon our environment, The Great British Spring Clean is now in its second year. Community groups, business and government will be joining forces this week to collect and safely dispose of single-use plastic from our streets, beaches, parks and countryside.

Helping you recycle your plastic waste

Single use plastic waste is not acceptable and here at Alpha Consumables we offer a wide range of durable cleaning products, designed to be used again and again. In addition, we also provide our own waste collection and recycling service which covers all of the products we deliver. For example, if we deliver a product in a disposable plastic bottle to you, we’ll collect and recycle it once you’ve finished with it.

We currently recycle more than 2.5 tonnes of plastic waste each month although this figure is growing rapidly. As waste licence holders we’re allowed to carry away waste, providing you with peace of mind that we’ll dispose of it properly, ensuring that it’s recycled and not simply added to landfill. Not only is this great for the environment; it’s good for your environmental credentials too!

Last and by no means least, all of our own brand products are recyclable – simply look for the code on each product – and because many of the products we sell are available in bulk and economy sizes, buying big means using less plastic.

Contact Alpha Consumables for further information

If you would like to find out more about our plastic waste recycling service or our range of high quality cleaning products and janitorial supplies, please visit our website or call 0113 2762227.

cleaning and janitorial products

Prepare yourself for spring cleaning with our range of cleaning essentials

Spring is definitely in the air and what better time of year to get busy with a mop and duster! Here at Alpha Consumables we offer a fantastic range of cleaning essentials, with everything you need to make light work of spring cleaning – from mops and buckets, through to disinfectant, wipes and window cleaning products.

Tackle spring cleaning in no time

There’s no doubt that a thorough spring clean be time consuming, however our product range is designed to help you get through those cleaning chores with as little fuss as possible. Many of our products can be used as part of colour coded cleaning regime; by having different sets of cleaning equipment for use in different areas – red in the kitchen, blue in the bathroom etc, you’ll minimise the risk of bacteria travelling from room to room. The colour coded cleaning system is already widely in use in a wide range of organisations including hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools and nurseries, so why not try it at home too?

Cost-effective spring cleaning for business and residential customers

Our products are available to buy in bulk and by buying big, you could make fantastic savings on cleaning essentials. In addition, we also offer a range of efficient delivery services, designed to ensure your products arrive quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Why not stock up on everything you need to ensure your home, business or organisations is fresh, sparkling and hygienically clean?

Study proves hot air hand dryers spread dangerous germs

Using paper towels helps to prevent the spread of germs

According to a study carried out by scientists at the University of Leeds and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection*, hand dryers spread five times more germs than using a paper towel. Here at Alpha Consumables we’ve always been champions of the good old paper towel over hand dryers and this study just goes to show what we already know: hand dryers are a potential health hazard!

The University of Leeds study goes to far as to recommend that hand dryers should be banned from hospital toilets as they blow bacteria around the room, spreading microbes across surfaces including clothing, sinks, floors and walls. Obviously this can prove extremely dangerous, especially in environments where there are sick and vulnerable patients. During the study, scientists discovered in locations where hand dryers are used, there were high levels of bacteria which can cause serious illnesses including blood poisoning, pneumonia and gastroenteritis.

Whilst air hand dryers utilise no-touch technology to dry hands, paper towels absorb water quickly and when disposed of correctly, hazardous microbes end up in the bin, rather than on other surfaces. With this in mind, paper towels offer a cost-effective, simple way to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Paper towels provide an ideal solution for care homes, nurseries, clinics, GP surgeries and schools, helping to prevent the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. This study shows that the method we use to dry our hands really does have an impact upon health so why not ditch the hot air dryers and return to paper towels instead?

Buy hand towels and waste bins from Alpha Consumables

Here at Alpha Consumables our range of paper towels, hand soap and waste bins are available to buy online with efficient, cost-effective delivery times and prices. When used in conjunction with a colour -coded cleaning system, paper towels and soap can help to spread the harmful bacteria which can cause anything from the common cold, through to life-threatening illnesses.

It’s our aim to make buying janitorial supplies including paper towels and colour coded cleaning equipment as straightforward as possible and as the majority of our stock is available to buy in bulk, why not plan ahead and stock up now?


Anti Bacterial 30 Seconds Contact time

Anti-Bacterial Clean

  • Has Been formulated so that it is Ready to Use.
  • It can be Used for all general cleaning sanitation.
  • This Sanitiser Complies with BS EN 1276, BS EN 13697.
  • Contact time is  30 seconds
  • As detailed on the
  • This product works great with our All Purpose Cloths

Effective Against Escherichia Coli,Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Hirae, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Quantity: 2 x 5 ltrs

Antibacterial all Purpose Cloths Refills

Antibacterial all Purpose Cloths

Alpha Consumables wipes on a roll. Ideal for a wide range of uses, washable and reusable.

  • Suitable for Nurseries,Warehouse, Office, Home, Work, Factory,Schools
  • Can be used for wiping surfaces, mopping up light spills, cleaning and polishing with sprays and dry dusting
  • Food safe, offering a colour-coded wiping system
  • Soft to touch, available in yellow, red, green and blue
  • Wipe size:
  • 200 cloths inside approx 22 x 37cm
  • No dispenser Required


Great News

We are really happy to announce that we have been working to help local Charities with our Free Give away of Toys.

Leeds Children’s Hospital provides one of the most comprehensive range of specialist children’s hospital services in the country and is a regional centre looking after youngsters from birth to the age of 16 living right across Yorkshire and beyond.

Our highly experienced staff are dedicated to achieving the very best outcomes for acutely ill children and those with long term conditions, and care for young people with cancer and needing liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants. We have invested millions of pounds in improving our wards and departments, and have excellent facilities to support patients who need to stay on site with a dedicated facility next to the hospital.


Environment Agency Waste Carrier



Zero waste to landfill sounds like a nice idea, but hardly a corporate priority, particularly given the tough economic conditions companies are facing across the globe.

That is why Alpha Consumables are always looking to Reduce your/there cardboard lets reuse as much as possible we all need to help.

Always ask the driver to remove your cardboard.


EU Ecolabel-Green

Latest News: 

Alpha Consumables is happy to announce the following on their Hand Towels.

“To qualify for the EU Ecolabel , products have to comply with tough set of criteria assessing their environmental impact: from extraction of raw materials and factory production through to packaging, their use and final disposal”.