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Best practice in cleaning – what does it mean for you?

Cleaning products to help you achieve best practice

The term ‘best practice’ is often used to describe a technique or approach that as a result of research and experience, is proven to consistently deliver the best results. Or, in layman’s terms, the best way to clean! If you run a medical facility, nursery or care home, for example, you’ll be well-aware of the importance of hygiene and following best practice to in order to achieve the highest standards. At Alpha Consumables we supply a range of cleaning products designed to help you do just this.

The importance of cleaning to maintain a safe level of bacteria

Whilst it’s unrealistic to try to eradicate bacteria completely – don’t forget that some bacteria are helpful – it is essential that harmful bacteria is removed or strictly controlled. This is especially relevant in environments such as toilets and bathroom areas where dangerous strains of bacteria can easily spread. Working to prevent cross contamination is the key here and using the colour coded cleaning system has been proven to offer a highly effective approach. Colour coded cleaning involves using specific colours for different sets of cleaning equipment to clean different areas. For example, a cloth used to clean a toilet is never used to wipe down walls, or worst still, a food preparation surface.

The right cleaning products used correctly

Even the most powerful anti-bacterial products won’t work if they’re not used correctly and there’s nothing worse than watching someone mop a floor with filthy water! All detergent-based cleaning products have a saturation point; when this is reached any cleaning benefits stop and are replaced by bacteria which is spread around. Best practice when floor cleaning, for example, is to mop around the edges of the floor first with a clean mop and solution, before cleaning the main body of the floor. It’s important to change the cleaning solution regularly, especially when cleaning a large surface area. The same approach also applies to cleaning cloths: fold a cloth into four and when one side becomes dirty, refold the cloth onto a clean side rather than scrunching it up.

Cleaning products and equipment delivered direct to your door

We provide a range of high quality cleaning products and equipment, designed to offer cost effective solutions keeping clinics, medical centres, nurseries and care homes clean. From colour coded cleaning equipment, through to anti bacterial surface wipes and liquids.

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